What is Flexo?

It's the world's only flexible brick system!


Bounce, flex, bend, wrap or wear – the choices are seemingly endless. Flexo uses a unique rigid construction brick and flexible tendon that allows you to truly flex your imagination and create designs you never thought possible.

Where did it all begin?

In the waiting room of a physio clinic – where else?!

While waiting for an appointment, our inventor marvelled at the images on the walls of tendons, muscles and ligaments interacting with rigid bone structures and allowing freedom of movement.

Due to his love of building and constructing with LEGO®, he began to ponder. “LEGO® is rigid”, he thought to himself. “I wonder if I could invent something to make it flexible too…”.

And voila! A lightbulb moment occurred, the Flexo system was born, and the rest is history.

Since that moment, Flexo has been developed to enhance your traditional brick building experience.

Creations now have the ability to bend, bounce, flex and move in ways you’ve never seen before!


Meet the founders of Flexo

In this interview with New Zealand Made, Mark and Elizabeth Stolten talk about where Flexo came from, what it can do, and where it's going.

So how does it work?

Take a look for yourself!

We don’t like to over complicate things – all you need is your imagination! And to help you along, we provide build ideas regularly on YouTube!

From just four bricks and four tendons you can build a whole bendable, flexible world with Flexo. And with the help of our Multitool, you’ll be able to take them apart and build another one with ease!

Build inspiration and get creative – it all comes from just four bricks!

Who can use this stuff?

Flexo is for everyone!

Look at these two testimonials below and you’ll see – whether you’re planning a complex build or just enhancing your death ray, Flexo is for the young and the young at heart!

"Finally – something that allows me to get the designs IN my head OUT of my head!"
Kate, 20 years old, from Dannevirke, New Zealand
"We built a Plasma Blast Tank that includes a plasma cannon, a plasma spear, energy rifle and a solar blast!"
Pupils in Korora GB at Murray’s Bay Primary School, from Auckland, New Zealand