Where did the idea for Flexo come from?

Flexo was born in a physio clinic, well the idea for it was anyway. Mark was waiting for his appointment for his torn bicep tendon and looking at images of the human body. He found it fascinating the way solid matter, such as bone, was made flexible by tendons and muscles and marveled at the perfect engineering that makes our bodies move and work in such an incredible way.

As an inventor of games and toys it suddenly struck Mark that this theory could be applied to toys as well – especially building bricks – and that flexibility would help make them even more dynamic and enjoyable than before.

The Stoltens had always been a Lego family and Mark realised that it would be the perfect product to try this on. It worked superbly, much to the excitement of all; Mark and Elizabeth’s sons and daughter are now 25, 15,12 and 23 years old and were totally entranced by it, you never really outgrow Lego do you?

Lego is loved by so many people, big and small, around the world and Mark and his team love the idea of  enhancing it even further by adding more movement and flexibility. Lego does Lego best but the thought of being able to bring something additional to an already amazing experience excites them enormously. The whole family and team is also thrilled at the possibility of this product fostering increased creativity in children, a trait that is being lost with the influence of digital technology.

The possibilities are endless with Flexo: catapults, suspension on cars, a bow and arrow, balls, swing bridges, train tracks it’s only really limited by the child (or big child’s) imagination. The Flexo team also hope, in a world where parents are constantly under pressure to buy new and exciting toys for the kids, this may be a cost effective option. Buying one Flexo kit will mean hours and hours , in fact years and years of play and fun. That’s got to be a great solution, right?