How far can we shoot with the bow and arrow?

Well we have designed the bow to shoot the arrow over a number of distances. We appreciate that a bow and arrow needs to be handled with care and respect, so the design has accommodated different tendon strengths that make up the bow’s spring-pack, this is what gives flex to the bow. The tendon chosen is proportional to the distance the arrow travels. If you use a soft tendon, then the arrow will only travel two or three metres and this would be more suitable for younger children.

For the more adventurous builder, the arrow can travel over 20 metres if the stiffer tendon is chosen to form the spring-pack. That’s pretty impressive for something that only measures 67cm.

You can imagine the hours and hours of fun that could come from this capability. Mini battles all over the rugged terrain of the lounge floor, or in the vast expanse of the outdoors, keeping your little angels occupied for a very long time. Varying the size of the bow and the number of tendons in your spring-pack all adds to the distance the arrow can travel. It’s all your Lego® dreams come true at once.