Premium Pack

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The Flexo Premium Pack is great for families and gives you the tools to go wherever your ‘Flexomagination’ may take you. With 150 of each size & shape of Flexo Brick, there’s enough Flexo for everyone. Choose between our Brights and Neutrals color ranges, or a combination of both.

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The Flexo Premium Pack contains:

  • 150 Circle Flexo bricks (2×2 round with axle hole)
  • 150 Triangle Flexo bricks
  • 150 Square Flexo bricks (2×2)
  • 150 Rectangle Flexo bricks (2×4)
  • 1824 Tendons (four different lengths)
  • Flexo Multi Tool
  • Instruction booklet (includes 6 builds)

The Flexo Premium Pack comes in your choice of Bright or Neutral brick color range, or a combination of both. The bricks are divided evenly between the various colors in each range.

  • Brights color range: Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green
  • Neutrals color range: Black, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Brown, Tan
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