Master Pack

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Do you have what it takes to become a Flexo Master? You’ll get there with a great imagination and the perfect set of tools: the Flexo Master Pack.

This pack is for serious builders who want to push the limits and take their Flexo creations to the next level. It includes both clear and glow-in-the-dark tendons plus a handy storage box to keep your Flexo organised.

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The Flexo Master Pack contains:

  • 250 Circle Flexo bricks (2×2 round with axle hole)
  • 250 Triangle Flexo bricks
  • 250 Square Flexo bricks (2×2)
  • 250 Rectangle Flexo bricks (2×4)
  • 1824 Flexo Tendons T3 (four different lengths)
  • 1216 GID Flexo Tendons (four different lengths)
  • Flexo Multi Tool
  • Instruction booklet (includes 6 builds)
  • Large Flexo Storage Box

The Flexo Master Pack comes in your choice of Bright or Neutral brick color range, or a combination of both. The bricks are divided evenly between the various colors in each range.

  • Brights color range: Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green
  • Neutrals color range: Black, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Brown, Tan
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